Best cup of coffee in

Medford, Oregon !



215 E. Jackson Street



Welcome to the best home cookin' in Medford, Oregon and on the internet.  We would like everyone to feel at home here on the web as well as at our restaurant.  Thank you for taking an interest in what we are about, and if you haven't yet sampled our food, please stop in.  It's worth the trip.

Linda and I spend a considerable amount of time locating the finest ingredients with which to prepare your meal.  This is done with a  concern to your continued health.  We use Canola Oil in all our frying and grilling.  Our Lunch Specials are the only food we prepare in advance of your arrival so, you can be assured that you will receive the freshest when you visit us.  For this reason we are able to guarantee that you will be satisfied with your meal. 

If for some reason you are not satisfied, please bring it to your servers attention and we will make it right.  We are in business because of you and we want you back.  If you are satisfied, we ask that you tell your friends.  That is the best compliment that you can pay us.



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